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Top 10 Raven Tools SEO Wish List

SEO Reports are fun!
SEO Reports are fun!

Raven Tools is a superb tool. Period. However I have a nagging wish list/bug list that gets bigger by the week.

Over the past year I have sent Raven Support countless emails and always had prompt replies from Alison, Scott, Jon and Taylor telling me it’s either WIP, Keep Dreaming Phil or We Never Thought of That bucket.

There are other great tools out there, other than Raven, however this suits the desired requirements of my company and agencies I work with. If Raven can continue to update the software each Friday especially with frequently asked services, then the value continues to increase.

Enough ramble, this is my Raven wishlist. I would be interested in your wishlist.

  1. Reports: Multiple Brand Profile Templates

    Currently you can assign a Brand Template to

    • Website –
    • Profile Template
    • Account Template.

    What if, however you wish to have a Brand Template shared over 2 or 3 Profiles?

  2. Reports: Non Default Profile exports PDF branded with Raven logo

    This is pretty important to change, espically if you wish to export just one SERP report to a client using the Agency/Web Design branding?

  3. Content Manager: SEO Assets

    Could videos, images and any other assets be linked to a Cloud account?

  4. Content Manager: Blog Manager

    When an article is published on clients blog, could this not be detailed as Linked. The client would also be interested to know where articles have been published, whether that be off or onsite.

  5. Ranking: Local

    I do appreciate this isn’t an easy one, however Raven likes a challenge. If Raven could provide ranking data for Local Search, along with the amount of reviews for each listing.

  6. Ranking: Universal Results

    Many of my clients are ranking for videos and images. This isn’t being displayed within the SERPs I send my clients. This would be a massive benefit. IF a screenshot of that SERP could also be generated, that would assist hugely.

  7. GWT Import Data

    Importing Google Webmaster Tools data regarding Sitemap errors, crawl errors and the like would be very useful.

  8. Dashboard: Website Settings

    After changing the Language to English, Country to United Kingdom and Currency to GBP I would expect the Default Time to change to Europe (GMT +0:00 London) and the SEMRush Default to change to United Kingdom. This is such a tiny change, however it’s the small things that can slow you down.

  9. Dashboard: KPI

    Having a KPI dashboard would be extremely beneficial. The software presumes rankings are the basis of good results, however many SEO companies work on Sales increase, Traffic Increase and other criteria. Could this be added?

  10. Central Dashboard

    A central dashboard would assist greatly. Viewing 150+ websites all at once showing an increase/decrease of traffic, increase/decrease of sales, increase/decrease of rankings would be superb. Making this a holistic PDF report would help improve communication and continue to increase morale.

I have plenty more ideas, however these are just a tiny handful I have email Raven support about over the past 12 months.

I’d be interested in your suggestions.

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Phil Yarrow


Jon Henshaw

It’s amazing to see someone who is using Raven to its full potential. Reading through your requests, it’s obvious that you’ve spent time using every aspect of the software. For me, being the product guy, that’s exciting! I tried to address all of your feature requests below. Thanks for taking the time to write this :)

1) So you can do that now by making it an Account Template, but it sounds like you want to be able to assign it to specific Profiles, instead of simply making it available to all Profile.

2) All you need to do is make one of your brand templates the global default, and that will override the Raven logo as the default brand template.

3) I have some other ideas around access to content in the cloud, but this is good feedback.

4) That tool could be better and smarter all around. I haven’t thought about adding link record integration to it. Interesting.

5) One day, maybe ;)

6) Working on it. Really, we are :)

7) It’s on the roadmap! Some other things need to happen before we do something with their API, but I’d like to bring in their data too.

8) On the surface it seems small, but the way some of the tools were implemented, making that change isn’t trivial. That’s why it’s taking so long. But we will get it all synced up, hopefully soon.

Dashboard: KPI
Having a KPI dashboard would be extremely beneficial. The software presumes rankings are the basis of good results, however many SEO companies work on Sales increase, Traffic Increase and other criteria. Could this be added?

9) If you have goals and/or ecommerce set up in Google Analytics, we report on that, and also have dashboard modules to display that data. If you have some other ideas, please submit them to support at and they’ll funnel it to me as a feature request.

10) We’ve been getting a lot of requests for that lately. We’re thinking through the best way to address that need now.