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Best Bristol Directories – Part 1 of 3

Local SEO is no longer hyped, it’s here.  As we know, there are many facets to improving ranking for local results and some of these involve adding your clients to local directories.

My objective was to collect a reasonable amount of data so I could give my clients enough information to make informed decisions on the web directories to which they might wish to subscribe.  There are many directories for the Bristol locality, so a small amount of research was involved looking for the top 10 directories with the strongest foothold.  They must be smaller than Yell, locally-based, meaning they were either created within Bristol, or contained Bristol only entries.  They also needed to list a reasonable amount of companies over a wide range of sectors.

I chose the following domains.

The following table pulls data in from Google Index, Yahoo Index, SEM Rush, MajesticSeo and SEOmoz. I have sorted the rows by Yahoo Links.

More research needs to be collated before any conclusions are reached.  Although, at this stage, we could comfortably not recommend The average Backlink ACRank is only 0.06.

Link Quality distribution is paramount when considering link building. Each domain’s backlinks are analysed and sorted into quantities and qualities. The orange domain – – seems to be attracted to very poor quality backlinks.  Purple, green, teal and navy are of interest here due to their link quality distribution being reasonably weighted towards the upper figures in comparison to the competition.

Analysis of growth patterns are also required. We don’t want a website with superb backlinks, but bulk gained without rhyme or reason. The charts below show the cumulative growth of backlinks from domains for each directory website over the last 4 years. Smaller domains often won’t even get a look in due to the growth of larger domains. growth is minimal over the last 2½ years. I consider along with need to consider re-visiting their link building strategies.  Granted, there are only x amount of businesses within the Bristol area and the much reported recession could have a bearing on growth.

We have next looked at each domain’s collective link types.  Whilst this is a lengthy process, it is very beneficial.

The following questions are still to be considered and answered in parts 2 and 3.

  • What about cost?
  • Do they include reviews?
  • Does the site include web snippets? Are they displayed by Google?
  • What about the onsite content, is this SEO friendly?

All these and further questions will be answered in Parts 2 and 3.

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